Luis Eades

Luis Eades (American 1923-2014)

Luis Eades was born on June 25, 1923 in Madrid, Spain, to Alwyn & Luisa Eades. Luis spent his educational life in London, England, completing his Bachelors degrees related to art at Bath Art School and Slade School of Art. He also went on to further his education at Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico and the University of Kentucky. He was a professor for the University of Texas from 1952-1961. He ended his professional career as a professor of arts at the University of Colorado, teaching from 1961-1986; where he earned the title of Full Professor at the University of Colorado. In addition to his career as a professor he served in the British Army in World War II. 

In his artwork, he gave expression to how he perceived the world around him. I make allusions in my work to the art of the past, as well as to cultures other than my own; I do so out of respect; and because they have produced images and ideas that endure, and that enrich the way we perceive the world we live in, Eades said. Eades worked both in oil on canvas and in digital format. The latter part of his life he shot thousands of photographs that captured daily life, and what was the subjects of many of his paintings. Eades passed away in his home of Boulder, Colorado on December 29, 2014. 

Sources: and The Boulder Daily Camera, Dec 31, 2014 


Departure for the Island×

34 x 24 inch
86.4 x 61 cm