Lawrence B. Salander

Lawrence B. Salander (American born 1949)

Lawrence Salander was the former gallery owner of the famed Salander Oreilly Gallery, based in Manhattan, that closed in 2008. Salander also was known as an accomplished painter, known for his colorful landscapes and still lifes, evocative of the Fauves. 


Sunrise Number 2×

48 x 48 inch
121.9 x 121.9 cm
Through the Trees from the Ridge×

51 x 61 inch
129.5 x 154.9 cm
View Down the Road×

50.5 x 60.5 inch
128.3 x 153.7 cm
Cloudy Day, Mount Benny×

50 x 40 inch
127 x 101.6 cm