Christian Adolf Schreyer

Christian Adolf Schreyer ( German 1828-1899)

The painter Christian Adolf Schreyer, born in Frankfurt, received his artistic training at the Städel School and attended, amongst others, the classes of Jakob Becker (1810-1872) and Johann David Passavant (1787-1861). From 1854 to 1856, he voluntarily joined the Austrian army in the Crimean War, which was followed by a number of private journeys to Hungary, Romania and Russia. Schreyer lived in Paris from 1861 to 1870 and organized further extensive tours to Algiers and the Middle East. In 1872, the painter finally settled in Kronberg, Germany. Christian Adolf Schreyer is highly appreciated for his depictions of horse and battle scenes and achieved great successes with his Orientalist paintings. His works are now in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Musée de Luxembourg, the Kunsthalle in Hamburg and the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. 



The Scouts×

56 x 33.75 inch
142.2 x 85.7 cm