Gabriel Godard

Gabriel Godard (French born 1933)

Gabriel Godard was born on April 28, 1933 in Delouze in Lorraine. He started painting in 1950 with many of his initial works being figurative. Godard later changed his method and style. He does not regard soon any more the subject but as one pretext with the composition. His paintings since 1986 have been purely abstract.
Gabriel Godard is a very well listed School of Paris painter whose works have been acquired by the French government for the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Many of his works have won prizes and continue to do so. Private collections include the United States, Germany, Switzerland, England, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and France.
As an independent and unclassable artist, Gabriel Godard paints what he is: untiringly tuned to nature’s metamorphosis and that which defines his intimate being. Ready to capture, in his own way, the slightest emotion, he couples his truth with the truth of the world and his real side with his hidden side. What Gabriel Godard creates today is an internal landscape, an intuitive feeling which builds, a logic that organizes, all in order to reach the revelation.

David Findlay Galleries, New York
Wally Findlay Galleries, East Hampton, NY
Phillips Galleries, Palm Beach
Phillips Flynt Galleries, Houston
Galerie Romanet, Paris
Galerie Moyon-Avenard, Nantes
Galerie M.C. Goinard, Paris
Galerie Patrick Héraud, Langon
Art Expo, New York
Knott Galleries, San Francisco
Galerie Martin, Nancy
Retrospective Ambassade de France, Luxembourg
Retrospective Palais de l'Europe, Le Touquet
Exposition Particuliére Patronée par le Ministre des Beaux Arts a Beauvoire Vendée




Still Life with Red Fruits and Lamp×

31.5 x 25.625 inch
80 x 65.1 cm
Still Life with Fruits, Pitcher and Table×

28.6 x 21.25 inch
72.6 x 54 cm
Atelier Blanc×

32 x 23.5 inch
81.3 x 59.7 cm