Welcome to Feoli Fine Art

Feoli Fine Art strives to provide clients, whether private or institutional, with fine art spanning history from the 17th to the present day. Emphasis is given to American and European works on paper including drawings and prints, however also covers many works in oil, mixed media, and sculpture from emerging markets across the globe.

We try and find value for our collectors by locating works by well established artists and also artists we feel have been waiting to be rediscovered.

Most importantly all the works are pieces that we find beautiful and interesting in their own right.

We hope your visit is enjoyable and you are able to find a work to complement your collection.


Janos F. Keseru

 Latest Acquisitions

Eugene Galien-Laloue×
Farmyard with Chickens

Jules Ausset×
French Harbor

Louis Cazals×
Montmartre Place du Tertre, Paris

Masoud Yasami×
Chaparral Construction #1

Peter Keil×

Samuel Bak×
Baia Dei Pescatori